How my challenges are going, Day One

I wrote in my previous post about some 30-day challenges that I have set for myself. I have outlined below how each of these challenges are going so far.

Waking up earlier

I allowed myself to wake up naturally this morning to set a starting point for myself. I woke up this morning. If for the rest of the 29 days, I am getting up earlier than days that have past then I will be happy. As said in the last post, my goal is to be getting up at 6am but it occurred to me today that I don’t have a morning routine so I wouldn’t know what to do with myself when I reach that goal. I am going to sit down and figure out what my ideal morning routine is to make myself happy but also set me up for a productive day. I will write a post about that routine once I have constructed it and implemented it for at least a few days.


I did complete a journal entry today that was handwritten and filled one half of an A5 collage ruled page. I did enjoy knowing that I had a spot for all of my thoughts, feelings and emotions to go but I found myself struggling a bit in that because I haven’t set myself a time to do my journaling I was rushing to note things down the moment they happened. This took me out of the moment and made my day less enjoyable. Tomorrow I am going to sit down with a hot chocolate once I am done with the day and allow myself the time to truly let everything that is on my mind out.


Once I was dressed after my shower tonight, I took the time to stretch out my whole body. I am fairly flexible in comparison to my friends and family, but I am nowhere near as flexible as I used to be. I am excited to continue this practice and to see how far I can travel in terms of my flexibility. I would love to, if I am able to, be able to do the splits at the end of this experiment and to be able to touch the ground with my hands flat on the ground while my feet are together.

Complete my to-do list

I started today with 20 items on my to-do list. I completed 8 items, so not even half. I think I felt overwhelmed. When I wrote down what I wanted to get done today I just really brain dumped but it was all kind of big tasks. Tomorrow I am going to try choosing a couple of the bigger things that I need to get done and break them down into smaller chunks. I am not planning on allowing my list to be longer than 20 items, but I am interested to see if I can cross more items off if they are smaller tasks.

Oil Pulling

I have tried oil pulling before but never made a commitment to try to do it consistently for any length of time. I sat down with a book ready to read while I oil pulled, set a timer on my phone for ten minutes and hit start as I put a teaspoon of oil in my mouth. Oil pulling is a weird experience and I didn’t make it easy on myself as coconut oil is hard when it is cool. I had to consciously remind myself not to swallow the liquid I had in my mouth, but I did not find it to be too difficult to complete. Once the ten minutes had past, I spit the oil into a container to get rid of and rinsed my mouth with water before brushing my teeth. My mouth feels very clean and honestly, I think the biggest thing that I have noticed after doing it just the once for this challenge is that I do not feel like an evening snack after doing it. I usually must remind myself that I have already brushed my teeth in order to persuade myself not to snack. I do not know if the lack of craving is connected to the oil pulling but it was worth noting.

How are you going with whatever challenges you are facing in your life? Is it a challenge you chose to conduct yourself? Tell me all about it 😊


Stay safe and stay cozy ❤


Setting My Challenges

I have to say it, I have been stuck in a rut for what feels like years now. I struggle to figure out what I am passionate about and my health, both physical and mental has been out of whack. So, I have gotten it into my head that I want to turn my life around. I want to conduct some 30-day challenges to see if implementing these habits into my life they may help turn my productivity, physical health and mental health around. The challenges are as follows:

Wake up early.
Now keep in mind, I am currently unemployed, and I have a bad habit for being a night owl. It is not uncommon for me to be waking up in the afternoon hours. My ultimate goal is to be waking up at 6 am every day but I do not want to commit to doing that every day to begin with. I am going to consider this goal as a success if I can slowly begin waking up even a little bit earlier each day.
I want to start getting up earlier because that will give me more time to get things done and it should help my health by allowing me to see more of the sun and allowing me to actually make time to exercise.

If I can start documenting my thoughts and feelings every day in my own private journal, I feel I might be able to get a grasp on what is going on with my mental health. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Affective disorder and keeping a journal may help me explain to my psychologist what is going on a bit more effectively.

I want to work on my flexibility by stretching very day. This can help reduce stress levels in everyday life which should, in theory, help with my health in general and it should help with my productivity by helping me not to feel so overwhelmed.

Complete my to-do list.
Of course this one is primarily focused on productivity. If I can cross off all the items on my to-do list then I am being productive, right? The purpose of this challenge is more to help myself shape how I write my to-do lists. How many items should be on the list? Should they be just the projects, or should they be the bite sized chunks? I want to streamline my productivity in this way.

Oil Pulling.
I know this one can be a bit controversial, people seem to be in one of three groups – all for it, completely against it or not having any idea what it is. In case you are in the third group, oil pulling in a nutshell is swishing oil around in your mouth for ten minutes before spitting it out (in a container, not down the sink). You swish it in your mouth and pull it through the gaps in your teeth. The idea is that it can help break down plaque and potentially reduce the chances of cavities. I am not a dentist and I am not recommending that anyone tries this without doing your own research. I simply want to see how this practice affects me.

My last challenge is to update this blog on my progress regarding these challenges. I will do my best to update daily but it may be every couple of days.

Do you have any challenges you are trying to partake in, or do you already do any of the above? Tell me about them in the comments!

Stay safe and stay Cozy ❤